Care & Repair

Thanks for choosing Liquid Diamond jewellery! All handmade with care and totally unique! 

In order to keep your jewellery pieces in best conditions, store them individually in an adequate jewellery pouch or box.
Be careful with jewellery made of blanc wood, it gets dirty easily.

Avoid contact of the jewel with cosmetic products that can damage its color. Creams or perfumes can make the metal darken caused by chemicals.

Do not (!) clean them with water or cleaning products. Just a (damp) cloth will do, or if this doesn't do, use alcohol just on the glass; NEVER use alcohol on the metal or wood. A q-tip is very useful for this.

Warranty or needs to get repaired?

Starting at the date of purchase Liquid Diamonds provides one year warranty for any defects on the jewel, tarnishing of the metal, or damaging on the artwork.

There is no warranty on any scratches, damages by water on the artwork or tarnishing by cleaning products.

You can send a photo to and you will get all the information.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend shipping your piece by yourself, without my guidelines, because I will not be responsible for any lost packages.

Please understand that, if your jewel has to be replaced because the artwork is damaged, I cannot produce the exact same artwork again, but ofcourse I will do my best to make you very content.

Jewellery bought at markets/fairs

Many items sold on markets or fairs (or in Trots-Store) have a 30% discount. If your jewel is bought with an orange sticker on it, it cannot be returned.

It is possible to exchange the discounted jewel for another one in 14 days, as long as it is unworn and clean. 
Ofcourse if there is a defect that I can fix, I will be happy to do so.
In both cases, please contact me if you wish so, so that we can make an appointment in the Trots Store or by post.