My Story

I love to follow my heart while painting, instead of working towards a preconceived result. It teaches me to be centered and experience deep, meaningful reflection while being in the here and now, following my own intuition. I use different mixtures & gravity, a paletknife and.. chopsticks! 

Since 2012 I have been drawn to painting with Liquid Acrylics, because of the surprising effects created, the way it moves on the canvas like warm honey and how it seems to have a will of its own. This teaches me many things about the art of living.
I have experimented for years on getting the most out of my paint and techniques. 

In 2016 I started teaching my way of painting under the businessname Yana Art. Yana means ‘Inner path of growth’ in Buddhism. It immediately was a succes, receiving great reviews!

But I also love creating new things. So I began to experiment with leftover dried paint and created a few unique pieces of jewellery, which people kept asking about and it felt like a calling. I also learned from two other artist-colleges and followed my heart; as a result in November 2019 Liquid Diamonds was born. After a period of devotion to my website, this was born a few moths after.

In addition to my love for the creation of art, I have always had a passion for horses. In the near future I plan to help horse and owner in their communication and bond; my sellings of these precious jewels will contribute to this.

I love bringing color into your life you and hopefully a large part of rainforest will be saved and protected because of your good choice!

Love, Marit